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Fancy Hamsters

Exotic Pets & More has a huge selection of young Fancy Hamsters in-stock.  

Fancy Hamsters are a sub-species of Syrian Hamsters. Syrian Hamsters are the largest hamster types and are also known as Teddy Bear Hamsters or Golden Hamsters. 

Exotic Pets & More carries Black Bear Hamsters, Calico Hamsters, Dalmatian Hamsters, and Polar Bear Hamsters

fancy Hamster Information

  • The average lifespan for Syrian Hamsters is 2 to 2.5 years some animals may live longer with proper care.
  • The adult size for Syrian Hamsters is approximately 5.5 inches.
  • Syrian Hamsters are popular pets among novice hamster owners and young children, as they tend to be easier to handle and tame.
  • Syrian Hamsters are solitary, nocturnal critters. However, when purchased together and young, and provided a large enough habitat, Syrian Hamsters can coexist without issues.

Fancy Hamster Environment

Fancy Hamster Diet

  • Fancy Hamsters should be provided fresh food and water daily.
  • Feed Fancy Hamsters a pellet seed base diet, as these diets are rich in needed vitamins, minerals and probiotics, they also provide a balanced meal; one tablespoon is all that is required daily.
  • Available Diets: Higgins Vita Garden Hamster/Gerbil Diet 2.5#
  • Fancy Hamsters can be given fresh fruits and vegetables as a treat; a small amount such a slice of apple or piece of romaine lettuce.

required permits for owning fancy hamsters in florida

No permits are required to  purchase or own Fancy Hamsters in Florida.

Fancy hamster prices

Fancy Hamsters are $14.99 each

Shipping Fancy Hamsters

Fancy Hamsters can be shipped via air lines. Shipping fees are extra. We only ship live animals when the weather permits safe travel.  Airline shipping fees for live mammals are approximately $300 per order and include an IATA approved travel carrier.

Financing Fancy Hamsters

Financing options are available through Credova for the purchase of your new pet. Shipping and supplies can also be bundled and included in the total amount financed. 

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current fancy hamster specials

Currently Exotic Pets & More is running a special sale on Fancy Hamsters. For a limited time,, select Fancy Hamsters are FREE with the purchase of a hamster cage kit. 

*See store for details. Restrictions may apply. Prior sales are excluded.